Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Jewellery Fair Preparations!

I'm going to a jewellery fair on 14th February, so I have started getting my bits ready (brilliant distraction from coursework!!)  I just thought I'd show you what I'd been doing, and how I make my display boards. :)

This is a board left over from a Christmas sale, as you can see I've started taking the old decorations off:

Next, I ironed a new pillow case to go on the empty board.  Pillow cases are brilliant because you can put pin boards, like the ones I use, inside them!

Then comes the clever bit - I staple the pillow case to the pin board, so that it looks like this:

I then re-used some of the ribbon I took off the original board and stapled it along the bottom of the board on the front:

I then made some heart board pins out of felt, and my finished board looks like this:

I'm so pleased with it! It looks really fun and will be perfect for use on Valentines day!! :)
Anyway back to coursework now...

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